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67. May a health care employer require an individual who has requested reasonable accommodation to provide medical information or take a medical examination to demonstrate that he is an individual with a disability and needs the accommodation requested?

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,AS AMENDED with

It matters in mechanical engineering, the thing i 8767 ve started to notice is how people from different schools pan out in the workplace. The high level work is handed over after some time, lower tier people are never given the chance. This most often requires a sucessful person to have good personal skills and be a good manager. The expectation is that the person is smart enyough to see the next steps and understand the analytics as well as take risks based on experienced judgement (time and cost tradeoffs in terms of salaried people).

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I went to a small midwestern school that a lot of people haven 8767 t heard of outside the midwest despite it 8767 s very good reputation and our list of high-profile commencement speakers. (Note: I LOVE my alma matter so sorry if it sounds like I 8767 m bragging about it, I tend to I had a GREAT experience, but I only brag with the best intentions).

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But we 8767 re just talking about patterns here. None of this is to say that you won 8767 t be hired for a great job if you went to a less elite school people from all sorts of schools get hired for good jobs all the time. (I went to a tiny school  that lots of people have never heard of it 8767 s never been an obstacle.)

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A hospital stock clerk has back and neck impairments that substantially limit him in the major life activities of reaching and lifting. He submits medical documentation asking to be relieved of his newly-assigned linen delivery duties because they are aggravating his back and neck conditions. Linen delivery duties typically require frequent bending over a cart with high sides. The hospital denies the clerk&rsquo s request, stating that linen work is an essential function of his position, but fails to consider any alternatives, such as providing a different type of cart. If another accommodation was available that would have enabled the clerk to perform his job, or if the clerk could have been reassigned to a vacant position, the employer will have violated the ADA. [75]

That 8767 s funny. I actually looked at doing an MBA program at your school, but passed because outside of Nevada, nobody knows about UNR. And with an MBA, you *need* to graduate from a top school, unless you 8767 re just trying to advance in your current work place. So I find it funny that the University of Edinburgh isn 8767 t helping you but UNR is.

Where does the interview process stand in any of this discussion? For instance, I am planning on going to grad school for an MBA. I had a GPA in undergrad (local public college), and have been in my line of work for 5 years, 8 managerial. Truthfully, I planned to attend a for-profit online school (RA). Should it matter the school you go to, if your professional experience is there, and via your interview you demonstrate your potential?

Yes. An employer may ask all applicants if they will need accommodations for the application process by, for example, including a question on a job application form or stating in a job advertisement who an applicant should contact to request any accommodations. This is permitted so that employers will be aware of the need for accommodation and can make arrangements to provide it in advance of the applicant&rsquo s arrival for a pre-employment interview or test.

Associate Professor Sarah Barker, an internationally-renowned teacher of The Alexander Technique, penned a chapter in the new book Galvanizing Performance.

I was awarded a grant to do half of my undergrad degree in Europe at 7 universities. I was the first at my school to do this and when I left, there were still some things that were unclear to the admins at my home university and my first host university. This led me to being forced into Master 8767 s level classes being taught in a language I didn 8767 t speak, in areas I hadn 8767 t yet covered in undergrad classes and I failed some classes.

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Also, it 8767 s not just about rank. Regional pride can play a role. Some state schools like UCLA, U of Wisconsin in Madison and Ohio State get so much love in their regions and have enormous alum networks. I cannot say that a grad from any of these schools would automatically be better off if they went to an Ivy.

My former employer deliberately sought recruits who were the first ones in their families to go to college and who attended land-grant colleges. They avoided the Ivies. They thought (and I think they were right, as the worst and dumbest manager I had there went to Princeton) that these students were smart, ambitious, and hard working but just didn 8767 t have the money to go to an expensive, far-away school. They also thought they would work harder than someone who had had a lot of advantages.

Generally, an employer does not have to provide a reasonable accommodation unless an employee asks for one. An applicant or employee (or a doctor, family member, or other representative on his or her behalf) requests reasonable accommodation by either orally or in writing asking for some change relating to work due to a medical condition. This requires no &ldquo magic words&rdquo such as &ldquo ADA&rdquo or &ldquo reasonable accommodation.&rdquo

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