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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 07:31

It 8767 s hard but not impossible to write, say, 5,555 words a day. A novel is roughly 85k. At 5k/day, you can finish a novel in about 66 days. Just know that it won 8767 t be good. Not yet. Can 8767 t write and rewrite that fast.

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I believe I have I 8767 ve developed at least one good full story idea with a fair amount thoughts and references already noted down.
Having dabbled with the arts and film, animation, 8D etc, I have come to terms with the fact that I need MORE people to collaborate with. This leads to my question(s) (sorry for the endless babble ok)

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The dictionary lacks though. Words you 8767 d think should be there are not. But you can easily add them to your personal dictionary (as all editors can do).

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Proper planning would have prevented this. But the problem is that the planning process can takes weeks or months, and it can get tedious to spend all that time working out your story in theory but not doing any actual writing.

The neat thing is that, once you 8767 ve got started, you may not want to stop. If that 8767 s the case, fine – keep going for an hour or two if you like. But never tell yourself in advance that you 8775 need 8776 to sit down to write for two hours.

Character. What type of people do you like to read stories about? What kind of characters do you have the most sympathy for or empathy with? Do you like stories about underdogs and misfits, or the rich and famous? World leaders or gang leaders? Men of action and valor? Women caught in difficult situations? Whose stories do you think need to be told?

If a professional writer brings out a new book every year, they are said to be prolific. A new novel every two to three years is about the average, with a four- or five-year gap not uncommon.

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Writing humour successfully relies on things like timing, vocabulary, tone and even the length of sentences. It may take more effort than any other type of writing, but it is crucial that it looks effortless.

Of course, you don 8767 t always have to be turning sheets of blank paper into pages of beautiful prose when you are at your desk. You might spend your writing time

I 8767 m a big believer in planning (or outlining) fiction. Why? The reason that most first novels end up at the back of drawers, never to be finished, is that the writer hit a dead end. They started out in a great burst of creative enthusiasm but then, a couple of chapters in, they had no idea how to keep moving forward.

And don 8767 t worry if you don 8767 t know what your novel is about yet. You will do soon enough – and then you 8767 ll be able to write about characters from your story.

Most books of any genre can benefit from a little humour. Even in terrible situations, people joke with one another or see something funny. A few moments of humour peppered throughout your novel can make your characters and situations seem more realistic and deepen your readers 8767 connections with them.

Personally – and this is true for most writers I speak to – I find that early mornings are best. The agony of getting out of bed an hour earlier is over by the time the coffee has brewed. And most people 8767 s minds are much sharper then than late at night.

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