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Essay On Morals

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:16

In this sort of usage, the ethical needn't be the factual. It might be unethical (that is, a breach of a particular code) for doctors to sleep with their patients but it's possible that there are circumstances where no one would call it immoral.

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c. When a person deserves blame, reward, or neither-., a person who stole your wallet returns it intact two weeks later, how do you judge his actions? What would be  appropriate to say or do?

Essay On Morals

Also, A Moral man does not steal because it goes against his own beliefs. This makes even morality seem like a relative concept if it's only the individual's beliefs rather than being based upon an absolute standard.

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Both these philosophers came upon their understanding of ethics and morality while attempting to answer some fundamental question. For Plato, the question was, "what is the good life?" And for Aristotle this was, "what do men fundamentally desire?"

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In society, we are all faced with the butting heads of ethicsand morals. Abortion is legal and therefore medically ethical, while many people find it personally immoral. Fundamentalists, extremists, and even mainstream theists all have different ideas about morality that impact each of our lives, even if indirectly through social pressures or legal discrimination.

The study of the general nature of morals and of specific moral choices moral philosophy and the rules or standards governing the conduct of the members of a profession.

6. Moore answers the term good cannot be defined in any other terms as, for example, brother can be defined as male sibling.

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