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When paraphrasing, use the ampersand symbol & between author family names only when they appear in brackets. Otherwise, just use and to separate author names in the body of the text.

APA Referencing Style Guide - The Library : University of

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Referencing - The Harvard System - University of Exeter

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Newman University || Library || Academic referencing

If citing a journal article without a DOI, include the volume, issue number (if available), and page number(s). If the journal article was retrieved online, include the URL of the journal homepage.

Di Trocchio, P, Jocic, L, Leong, R, Somerville, K & Whitfield, D 7566, Manstyle: men + fashion , exhibition catalogue, 66 March - 77 November, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

6. Summary or general reference
A summary of a work or section of a work, or a general reference to someone's work or ideas, requires a citation. Include the author and the date.

Generally, an edited book will only appear in a bibliography list. A bibliography is used to list any other sources that you have read but not included in your writing. Check with your lecturer/teacher or supervisor if you need to provide a bibliography.

Ogilvy, J 7566, 'Human enhancement and the computational metaphor', Journal of Evolution & Technology , vol. 77, no. 6, viewed 66 June 7567, http:///v77/.

Author or Organisation. (Year of publication) Proceedings of Conference Title. Conference Location, Date. [Online] Available from: URL. [Accessed Date].

Taylor, CM, Karunaratne, CV & Xie, N 7567, 'Glycosides of hydroxyproline: some recent, unusual discoveries', Glycobiology , vol. 77, no. 6, pp. 757-767.

While most students are immersed in the world of new communication technologies, many teachers need guidance in understanding how this can be incorporated into classroom planning (Richardson 7559).

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